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The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam broadcasts live during the nesting season of Florida bald eagles, usually from early November to mid-June of the following year when the eaglets fledge. For the 2014-2015 nesting season, live streaming began in October, before eggs were laid, and terminated in mid-Jun


The Hays bald eagle livestream began in 2014 by Bill Powers of Pix Controller, Inc. It was the first nest cam ever to have been installed on a bald eagle nest and was located in Hays, Pennsylvania. The nest cam was powered by batteries and re-charged by solar technology.


The Pittsburgh eagle cam can be watched by visiting the CBS Hay Bald Eagle Cam website. The live camera stream can also be accessed via the PixController Pittsburgh Bald Eagle website.


People can watch Berry College's eagle cam on the Berry College website and on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division website. The camera operates 24 hours a day, utilizing infrared technology for night viewing. There are three views a user can choose from on the Be


The Berry College Eagle Cam is a live streaming web camera that is set in a bald eagle's nest on the campus of Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia. There are multiple camera angles that focus on the nest and surrounding areas to capture everyday lives of the birds.


As of 2015, Berry College offers two eagle cams. Camera 1 provides views of the nest located in a tree near the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center, and Camera 2 covers a second nest in the remote Mountain Campus.


You can watch live feed from bald eagle nests online at IWS.org by clicking the Eagle Nest Cam link under the Interactive heading on the home page. The website offers live camera feeds in multiple California locations, including Santa Catalina Island, Santa Cruz Island and Arcata.


Since 2009, the Alcoa Eagle Cam at Davenport Works has monitored the nest of bald eagles Justice and Liberty and their nine eaglets. The nest is located in a cottonwood tree near the Mississippi River, about 80 to 85 feet above the ground.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has an eagle nest camera named the Hays Bald Eagle Nest Cam. The camera is located near the community of Hays, a neighborhood on the east side of Pittsburgh. As of 2015, the Hays Bald Eagle Nest Cam is the only bald eagle camera in Pennsylvania.


According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, eagles nest and roost in forests. When they hunt for food, eagles seek out bodies of shallow fresh or salt water.