Taking the ESL practice test is important to give you an idea of what is on the actual test and to better prepare you for passing. Practice tests often mimic real testing conditions, relieving some of the anxiety when it... More » Education K-12

Many ESL practice tests assess a student's knowledge of basic sentence elements, but the questions usually require test takers to use the correct form of a word rather than identify the elements of the sentence. Several ... More » Education Standardized Tests

As of 2015, practice tests for ESL students are available at, and hosts tests on three different levels: beginner, intermediate and ... More » Education Standardized Tests
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The main difference between bilingual education classes and English as a second language, or ESL, classes is that the teacher will only speak in English during ESL classes, but can speak in both English and the native la... More » Education K-12

The benefits of using free ESL reading worksheets include increased student comprehension and the ability to incorporate elements of group work. Free worksheets save teachers time and money, allowing them to focus more o... More » Education K-12

Instructors can teach English as a second language (ESL) students new vocabulary words by using methods such as pre-teaching vocabulary before language activities, focusing on cognates with the students' native languages... More » Education K-12

Any school employee trained in the administration of state tests may administer a state reading test to an ESL student. These employees include classroom and enrichment teachers, specialists, administrators and classroom... More » Education Standardized Tests