To sign up for an E-ZPass, apply online or in person at the E-ZPass Customer Service Center for the area where you do most of your driving. You can also ask the center to mail an application form. lists al... More » Geography

The standard New York E-ZPass is $25. There are other passes including premium passes that cost up to $60 and discount plans as low as $5. Pay-per-trip plans are also available. More » Geography

For individual applicants, the E-Z Pass Application requires that your vehicle is individually owned or leased and is 2-axle and 4-tire with a max gross weight of 7,000 pounds. Basic personal information, including first... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

As of 2015, E-ZPass does not sell pass holders for cars, although some states, such as Massachusetts, allow customers to order extra fastener strips. Customers wishing to buy E-ZPass holders can purchase them online at s... More » Geography

An E-ZPass works on any toll roads that have designated E-ZPass lanes. The states with toll roads participating in the E-ZPass programs are mainly in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic portions of the United States. More » Geography

E-ZPass is compatible with North Carolina Quick Pass. Drivers can use their E-ZPass transponders to pay for tolls throughout the state. Equally, drivers who have fitted NC Quick Pass transponders to their vehicles can us... More » Geography

Motorists can purchase a Pennsylvania Turnpike E-ZPass at the Pennsylvania Turnpike's E-ZPass Customer Service Center in Harrisburg or at various participating retailers in the state. These retailers include Pennsylvania... More » Geography