Dying red hair to blonde requires bleaching the hair, then using a quality blonde hair color kit to achieve the desired results. Bleaching can be very damaging to the hair, and the procedure may need to be done more than... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

When lightening hair five or more shades, bleach must first be applied. If hair is being lifted only one to four levels, hair color alone is sufficient. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments

Going from brunette to blonde is a big change that's a little more complicated than dyeing a lighter color to a darker color. Bleaching the hair lighter than desired, then adding warmth with the appropriate darker color ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments
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Maintain the color of red hair by shampooing it less frequently, using color-safe products, avoiding sun exposure, applying a glaze on top of the color and conditioning the hair regularly. Red hair color is the most diff... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

If bleached hair turns purple, that means that the base color is purple. There are two ways this can occur. Either there was a bluing agent to prevent a brass color or the high-lift formula had a blue base. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To remove rust from hair, use a hair color remover, then apply hair dye to get new color. Choose matching hair dye before removing color to get the best match. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

For a standard color application, leave Clairol Professional hair color in for 30 minutes, and to completely cover gray, 45 minutes is recommended. During the coloring process, the first 15 minutes the color is on the ha... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair