Growing out dyed hair to reveal one's natural color can be done to rid the hair of harsh dye chemicals. The process is also ideal for individuals who no longer want to hide gray hair. More »

It is possible to highlight hair that has already been dyed, but it's better to highlight using foils. Sometimes, at-home kits make hair appear brassy or not the color that was planned, so it's important to recognize the... More »

Coffee can be used to add depth and luster to brown hair. To get the best results, use organic coffee and leave the mixture on the hair for as long as possible. More »

There are several natural products, such as olive oil, that a person can use to lighten dyed hair. Olive oil conditions and lightens the hair over time. More »

Women who want to go gray gracefully can cut off the ends of their dyed hair and start using a lighter color each time they dye their roots, notes Good Housekeeping. This helps blend the transition from dyed hair to gray... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Dark hair commonly turns orange when it is dyed too many shades lighter than its initial color. This can also happen when bleach is not left in hair long enough. More »

When looking for the perfect hair color, it is important to remember that one can go up to three shades darker than one's natural color but only two shades lighter. When choosing a color, one must also consider skin tone... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color