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Growing out dyed hair to reveal one's natural color can be done to rid the hair of harsh dye chemicals. The process is also ideal for individuals who no longer want to hide gray hair.


Coffee can be used to add depth and luster to brown hair. To get the best results, use organic coffee and leave the mixture on the hair for as long as possible.


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It is possible to highlight hair that has already been dyed, but it's better to highlight using foils. Sometimes, at-home kits make hair appear brassy or not the color that was planned, so it's important to recognize the risks involved before doing it personally.


It is best to wash the hair the night before dying it so that the color shines through. Hair that is either too dirty or too clean can alter the color when applying the dye.


While synthetic hair cannot be dyed using conventional hair-dyeing techniques, synthetic hair dyeing kits exist, and it is possible to dye synthetic hair using a dye that will adhere to plastic and will not rinse off with water. It is much harder to dye synthetic hair b...


Hair color can be lightened by using clarifying shampoo. To avoid hair coloring mishaps, it is best to transition to the desired color gradually.