When someone is appointed as power of attorney, he is an agent acting on behalf of another person, and his duties vary depending on the type of powers that the principal grants, according to Legal Zoom. Those duties incl... More »

Power of attorney is a broad term that refers to any agreement between a principal and an "attorney-in-fact" who can act on the principal's behalf in health or legal matters, states Cornell's Legal Information Institute.... More » Government & Politics Law

Power of attorney does not make an agent liable for the principal's debts, explains Neal Frankle for Wealth Pilgrim. However, if agents are irresponsible or fail to heed their principal's instructions, they may be held l... More »

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A power of attorney gives one party the authority to act on behalf of another as his agent and can make legal and life decisions on their behalf according to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law Scho... More » Government & Politics Law

A medical power of attorney includes directions on life support and permission for the agent to review medical files and sign medical forms on the patient's behalf, according to ExpertLaw from the Law Offices of Aaron La... More » Government & Politics Law

The duties that fall to an agent under a power of attorney end when the principal passes away, attorney Leana Hamill explains. The duties of an executor of a will has similar powers as a power of attorney, but an executo... More » Government & Politics Law

There are two main ways to sign on behalf of someone else: through procuration or power of attorney. More » Government & Politics Law