A traditional Dutch oven is a heavy pot, usually made of cast iron, that has three legs so that it can cook food over hot coals. Its close-fitting, flat, brimmed lid allows the cook to pile hot coals on top, helping the ... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

A Dutch oven looks like a large, wide, deep pot with a lid. The pot has small handles on either side near the top instead of one long handle. The most common material is enamel-coated cast iron. More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools

Since a Dutch oven is basically just a deep covered pot, any pot with a lid that is of sufficient size and depth can be substituted. Soup pots or deep skillets may work in a pinch. More » Food Cooking Substitutions
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To cook outdoors with a Dutch oven, season the oven, fill it with whatever is to be cooked and set it on top of some hot coals. Apply hot coals to the lid to help even out the temperature. More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

Wood-fired brick pizza ovens cook by using a live fire, hot coals or retained heat. The live fire uses reflective heat and is the hottest method, whereas the hot coals are slightly cooler and the retained heat gives off ... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

A Dutch oven can be used to make artisan bread at home. It is a ceramic or metal pot with a tight fitting lid. When used along with a conventional home oven, it is possible to obtain the appropriate heat retention and mo... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

The main dangers of using a Rival roaster, which is a type of Dutch oven, are from burns and electric shock. Burns can be sustained from steam, food cooking inside and the oven itself. More » Home & Garden Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances