Most duster coats consist of oilskin, a cotton or synthetic fabric treated with certain oils and minerals to make it water resistant. Some other duster fabrics are leather or untreated canvas. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The Plymouth Duster receives four out of the possible five stars and positive reviews on This car debuted in 1970, and production continued until 1976, ending with a total of seven different models. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

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Looking at worn leather coats to locate the areas of greatest wear and wearing the coat in rainy weather are two tips for stretching a leather coat. Although washing a leather coat in a washing machine accomplishes effec... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Amazon and eBay are the most trusted sources when buying a chinchilla coat. Due to the special type of fur, you can not buy a chinchilla coat at a typical store in a mall. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Wet leather shrinks because water bonds with and displaces its lubricating oils, leaving its components (fibers and protein) exposed to the air as it dries. Rescue wet leather by cleaning it and applying a pH-balanced co... More »

To clean baseboards, dust them with a feather or static duster, wipe them clean with a detergent solution and detail the corners with a cotton swap. The process requires a duster, a bucket, several clean cloths, liquid d... More » Home & Garden Cleaning