Dual SIM, or subscriber identity module cards, are inserted into a smartphone that accepts dual SIM cards, and a program in the phone allows the user to switch between SIM cards. The SIM cards can be used to perform sepa... More »

Saving money by using different carriers in different regions and having cell phone coverage across the globe are two advantages to dual-SIM cellphones. Dual-SIM cellphones support two SIM cards at once, effectively putt... More »

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All 4G Verizon phones require a standard SIM card. However, the company also has several other products that are capable of using a higher grade SIM card for added protection. More »

Straight Talk Wireless subscriber identity module cards compatible with Verizon Wireless GSM phones are available through the Straight Talk Wireless website or through retailers such as Walmart. These cards are compatibl... More »

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SIM cards only work in GSM phones. CDMA phones, the other major type of phone, do not have a SIM card slot so are not compatible with SIM card use. More »

A contracted AT&T SIM card works in an AT&T Go Phone; the SIM cards are programmed to function on the AT&T GSM network. An AT&T customer under contract may purchase a Go Phone to replace a damaged phone and place the SIM... More »

All SIM cards are not the same size. As of 2015, when a SIM is purchased, it comes attached to the card with a code written on it. The sizes range from mini to nano. More »

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