The best modem for Frontier DSL is the Actiontec 300 Mbps, a Frontier-compatible modem with rating of four out of five stars on Other Frontier-compatible modems include the Upvel UR-354AN4G or Netgear N600 ba... More »

The difference between a DSL and a cable modem is that a DSL modem connects a computer to a phone line to transmit data, while a cable modem transmits data over existing TV lines. The further the DSL modem is from the IS... More »

Configure a Westell DSL modem by connecting to the modem through an Internet browser. Connect to your DNS modem by surfing to Enter your user name and password and click OK to access the settings. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Dell Inspiron 15 is rated highly on, with 49 percent of reviewers rating it as very good, and only 12 percent saying they hate it. The majority of reviewers applaud its functionality, durability and fair price... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

An Ethernet connection that is 100Base-T provides networked data transmission at speeds of 100 Mbps, or 100 megabits per second. It was introduced in 1995. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The best laptop computers on the market can be purchased online from a website like, directly from the manufacturer like Dell, or at a local retail store like Walmart. More » Technology Computers & Hardware is the best place to buy a Kindle charger. Since the online book store is the designer and marketer of the Kindle e-book readers, it has the largest collection of certified chargers available. More »