Drying corn in bins has the benefit of a controlled environment, reduced spoilage and allowing for the use of natural air-drying. Corn harvesters can use natural air-drying for corn stored in bins using electrically powe... More » Food Food Storage

Websites that sell used corn storage bins include, and Woody's Used Grain Bins is located in Michigan, and the company does not buy or sell rusty bins. It sells bins co... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Farm Fan's product line of grain dryers includes portable single modules, portable stack dryers, tower modules and tower units. The Farm Fan brand is owned and marketed by Grain Systems, which is a subsidiary of the ARCO... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture
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Storing food in the refrigerator properly requires keeping the refrigerator at the recommended temperature, checking storage instructions on food labels, using foods as soon as possible after storage and being mindful of... More » Food Food Storage

Some kitchen pantry storage ideas include incorporating baskets and bins, installing sliding drawers, hanging door organizers, installing small shelves in the doors and installing shelves at different heights. It can als... More » Food Food Storage

Rubbermaid bins can be used for storing seasonal items as well as for back porch gardening. If using Rubbermaid bins for gardening, users should select BPA free containers. More » Food Food Storage

The benefits of using collapsible bins include the efficient use of storage space, content protection provided by rigid bin materials and the capacity to reuse the bins. Collapsible pallet bins are also useful for transp... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage