There are multiple home remedies that help soothe dry, itchy skin from a variety of irritants, according to WebMD. These remedies include wearing gloves, applying natural moisturizers, and keeping floors and bedding clea... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

Some ways to treat dry skin in the winter are to take shorter showers, moisturize regularly and dress for less irritation. Other remedies are to use a humidifier and stay healthy, according to More » Health Conditions & Diseases Skin Conditions

Oatmeal and cool baths help dogs with dry itchy skin. Apple cider vinegar, olive oil in the dog's food and a lemon rinse also help relieve dry itchy skin on dogs. More »

Dry skin can be easily treated at home using a variety of simple and inexpensive household items. Olive oil, coconut oil, milk, cornstarch and oatmeal all help to treat this condition More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

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The best home remedies for lightening skin are those that moisturize the skin while also containing mild acidic properties. A few examples of everyday products to lighten the skin include citrus fruits or honey, yogurt a... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

To get pale skin, use home remedies, such as a milk bath or a yogurt mask, to lighten the skin. If more lightening is needed, switch to an over-the counter cream. Use sunscreen daily. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care