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A dry, red or cracked tongue is a symptom of a general condition called "dry mouth," according to WebMD. Other symptoms of dry mouth include chapped or cracked lips and excessive thirst.


Symptoms of a burning or burn on the tongue include pain, redness and swelling, notes Healthline. More severe burns can result in blisters and even blackened skin. Those with burning tongue syndrome experience the burning pain associated with a tongue burn, but without ...


Dry white tongue causes include dehydration, drug side effects, environmental irritants, poor hygiene, tobacco or alcohol use, yeast infection, inflammation of the tongue, and consumption of spicy foods. People suffering from white tongue should drink plenty of water an...


Symptoms of tongue cancer, also called oral cancer, include change in voice, difficulty chewing and swallowing, numbness in the tongue and mouth, unexplained bleeding in the mouth, mouth pain, appearance of bumps on the outer surfaces of tongue and a sore throat. Sympto...


A dry mouth and tongue at night may be caused by certain types of medications, several medical conditions and breathing through the mouth while sleeping, as listed by About Health. Those experiencing mouth dryness should be evaluated by a health care professional to det...


Treatments for dry, white tongue vary depending on what is causing the issue, according to WebMD. If the dry, white tongue is caused by Leukoplakia, treatment can consist of discontinuing alcohol and tobacco use.


Burning mouth syndrome, or BMS, causes a burning tongue and a dry mouth, according to MedicineNet. This condition can be a symptom of other conditions or have no known cause. The latter is known as primary BMS, the former as secondary BMS.