Ree Drummond's ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is 433,000 acres and is the 17th largest among the nation's top property owners, according to Modern Farmer. The Drummond family owns most of the ranch land but leases some of ... More »

According to a Parade article from Nov. 16, 2013, Ladd Drummond's personal ranch has an acreage of over 25,000 acres. The extended Drummond family owns extensive land holdings throughout the state of Oklahoma and is coll... More »

Ladd Drummond and his wife Ree own the Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma. Ladd Drummond's ranch covers approximately 40 square miles and contains 2,500 head of cattle. The extended Drummond family owns about 433,000 acres and i... More »

The Drummond Ranch comprises roughly 433,000 acres in Oklahoma and southern Kansas, according to data provided by Modern Farmer. The Drummond family ranked 17th in Modern Farmer's 2013 list of America?s top 100 land owne... More »

Drummond Ranch, in the Osage County city of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, began through the 1886 settling of Frederick Drummond, and led to the establishment of a trading company before his son, Roy, began ranching in 1913. By the... More »

Cheese enchiladas, spicy shredded pork, bow-tie skillet Alfredo, Thai lettuce wraps and homemade black pepper potato chips are some of Ree Drummond's most popular recipes. Others include beverages such as iced coffee and... More » Food Cooking

Ree Drummond is an award-winning food blogger, New York Times bestselling author and television personality who currently hosts "The Pioneer Woman," a daytime television series on the Food Network. More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction