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Residents in the drought-hit areas have been forced to live on wild fruits, which they say are not entirely safe for consumption. The fruits have to be boiled for hours to make them edible. Getting water has also been a huge challenge for the residents of the areas affected by the drought.


DROUGHT CRISIS IN EAST AFRICA: Disaster Response. East Africa is currently experiencing the worst drought to hit the region in 60 years. The UN has officially declared famine in parts of southern Somalia—regions of Lower Shabelle and southern Bakool.


Horn of Africa: Millions suffering due to prolonged drought. Climate-related disasters affecting a region where up to 80 percent of the population is subsistence farmers.


Drought in East Africa: “If the rains do not come, none of us will survive” Nimo tient un médicament contre la diarrhée. Elle a perdu la majeure partie de son troupeau et souffre de diarrhée depuis des semaines.


A drought or drouth is a natural disaster of below-average precipitation in a given region, resulting in prolonged shortages in the water supply, ... Recurring droughts leading to desertification in East Africa have created grave ecological catastrophes, prompting food shortages in 1984–85, 2006 and 2011.


Drought in Africa. Rain came late in East Africa’s March-to-June rainy season and little fell. Following on the heels of a poor rainy season in 2008, the ensuing drought caused food and water shortages. View more in this event. References & Resources. BBC News. (2009, July 1).


“The dam in Kimberley is so important because it is manageable, so we can secure the water level there and that might be the only site the flamingoes can breed in Southern Africa, if the drought continues in other areas,” Ludynia said.


Taps in Cape Town, South Africa’s tourist mecca, came close to running dry last year before good winter rains brought respite from the region’s worst drought on record.


Drought develops in eastern Africa as dryness strengthens across southern Africa. A poor start to the Short-Rains season has resulted in large seasonal dryness in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.


He said the elderly, widows, and orphans have been hit hardest by drought. The region has not received rains in the last nine months. ... AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa - aggregating ...