Drought tolerant plants that grow well in Arizona include acacia, mesquite, yucca, most cacti and certain forms of sage. Some plants only grow well in one or more of Arizona's micro-climates. For example, the state's ico... More »

Rosa rugosa is an extremely adaptive plant that is tolerant of heat, cold, drought and salt. Its leaves are withered and leathery, and its stems are covered with sharp, spikelike thorns. Heavy gloves, thick jeans, pruner... More »

There are a great number of plants that are native to Florida, including sweet acacia, giant leather fern, Everglades palm, fringed bluestar, black mangrove and devil's walkingstick. Other native Florida plants include p... More »

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Popular perennial flowers for the garden include the blanket flower, Veronica, Russian sage and perennial sage. These flowers are appropriate for different sizes of yards and gardens. More »

Drought-tolerant plants include yarrow, purple coneflower, tall bearded iris, rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender and blanket flower. Succulents can also be suitable plants for dry climates. More »

Butterflies like flowering or pollinator-friendly plants, such as sage, fennel, wild cherries, milkweed and other plants on which they can lay their eggs. Adult butterflies are also attracted to certain types of colors, ... More »

Companion plants for the strawberry include bush beans, lettuce, members of the onion family, borage, caraway, sage, spinach and blueberries. Companion plants share the space and growing habits of the strawberry and may ... More »