To dream of swimming fish often signifies pregnancy for the dreamer or for someone the dreamer has a close relationship with. A common belief is that newly pregnant women dream of fish at the same time the womb begins to... More » World View Symbolism

According to The Definitive Guide to Snake Dreams, a snake dream during pregnancy can be interpreted as a test of intuition, a warning about a tense situation or a call for the dreamer to pay attention to their inner gui... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health

A bridge is often symbolized in dreams as any transition the dreamer may be facing in real life. Sigmund Freud gave an example before of a woman who wanted to be a man, and she would dream of bridges that wouldn't quite ... More » World View Symbolism
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Koi fish can have many symbolic meanings, with two of the most popular being good fortune and overcoming adversity. The symbolism of the Koi fish comes from the legend that a Koi fish that is able to swim upstream and al... More » World View Symbolism

Some common Christian symbols include the cross, a lamb, a fish and a dove. Although many of the symbols represent general identification as Christian, some symbols are specialized to represent different aspects of relig... More » World View Symbolism

In the modern era, the fish symbol represents Christians and Christianity. It is an ancient symbol that early, persecuted Christians used to mark secret meeting places and identify one another, according to Christianity ... More » World View Symbolism

Symbols of hope from ancient times include turtle doves, palms, butterflies and fish. Many early symbols of hope originated in the Bible and have evolved into universal symbols for individuals of all religions and belief... More » World View Symbolism