To draw an octagon to scale, first determine how big the octagon is to be. Draw the top line of the octagon to the desired length using a ruler. Use a protractor to determine a 135-degree angle from the end of the top li...

To draw a floor plan to scale, determine the amount of accuracy you need in your drawing. Measure the room's perimeter walls with a tape measure, convert to scale and draw them on graph paper. Measure the size and locati...

An eight-sided shape is known as an octagon. Octagons are flat shapes with eight straight sides.


There are a total of 1,080 degrees in the interior of an octagon. The angles can be evenly divided into eight angles of 135 degrees, as in a regular octagon, or any random combination in an irregular octagon.

An octagon is a shape most people can recognize right away; it has eight equal length sides and eight equal angles. You need a ruler, a protractor, a pencil and a piece of paper to construct an octagon.

The primary use of an octagon calculator is to learn more about the various spatial details within the octagon. With an octagon calculator, users can find out the area, perimeter and radii of different types of octagons.

An 8-sided polygon is called an octagon. One common use of the octagon is in the iconic red stop sign that's used throughout the United States.