Microsoft Windows Media Player can be acquired for the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system by downloading the software set up file at and running the installation process. Windows 8 PCs come with Windows M... More » Technology Software

To download Windows Media Player 11, navigate to Microsoft's website, click Support at the top of the page, select Windows, and click All Windows support. On the Windows page, click Downloads, click Music, photos, & vide... More » Technology Software

Windows Media Player comes preinstalled on most Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and later and Windows Phone, as of 2015. Users of older operating systems, such as Windows XP, can download the app for free ... More » Technology Software
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To get support for Microsoft Windows 8, access the Windows section on, and click on the Get Help link. Select Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 from the list of operating systems, and go through the available catego... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Windows 8 is available for free, but only to two main categories of users: the staff, faculty, and students on campuses that have purchased an organization-wide DreamSpark Premium License, and to developers of ... More » Technology Software

Windows Media Center is a media player and video recorder developed by Microsoft that is included in several versions of Windows, including Windows Vista and Windows 7. Users who have a version of Windows that does not c... More » Technology Software

To restore Windows 8, use the System Restore utility that comes with the operating system to set the computer back to an earlier saved restore point. If this is your first time restoring the computer, the process resets ... More » Technology Software