You can download karaoke videos from YouTube by using an online video downloading tool such as those found on,, or, as of 2015. Enter the URL of the vide... More » Technology Internet & Networking

It is possible to download funny YouTube videos by using third party websites or browser extensions. Most of these sites are legal and free to use but may sacrifice some audio or video quality during the download. More » Art & Literature

To legally download a song from YouTube and burn it to a CD, either the song must be in the public domain or the artist must have granted permission for the song to be duplicated. In order to burn a CD, you need to conve... More »

To add songs or any YouTube videos to a playlist, first click on the video, and choose the Add To button between the subscriber's name and the video description. Depending on whether the user has a mobile device or PC, t... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Playing videos on YouTube is a matter of clicking the desired video and then waiting for it to open and begin playing or else, when a video is paused, pressing the play button. Users must have up-to-date Flash players in... More » Technology Internet & Networking

As of August 2015, YouTube's most popular videos are made up of music videos from around the world and a handful of viral videos, such as the "Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!" video. The most popular video on YouTube is t... More » Technology Internet & Networking

YouTube has banned videos of animals and humans breeding if the video is intended to be sexually provocative. Nudity and sexual content can be allowed in some circumstances, such as if the content is intended for educati... More » Technology Internet & Networking