Many websites provide sample survey questionnaire templates, including and Both SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics provide sample questionnaire templates that can be used right away. More »

The questions that appear on a customer satisfaction questionnaire typically appear in a multiple choice format and focus on determine whether not the customer is happy with a product or service from the company, as well... More »

Download sample banking letters from A1 Letters and CareerRide. Added together, the two websites offer over 50 sample letters covering topics such as requests to increase credit card limits, asking for study loans and de... More »

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A windshield survey is when a driver observes the environment, usually used when inspecting communities, from the comfort of a moving vehicle. Windshield surveys are generally performed by people who are visiting new are... More »

In the social sciences, a codebook is a document that lists the questions asked in a survey alongside the resulting answers and data collected. Codebooks store the research survey data and responses in the form of single... More »

A 2013 study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, placed England number 22 in literacy and number 21 in numeracy out of a survey of 24 countries. Interestingly, the United States placed ... More »

Some survey topics are: favorite extracurricular activities, descriptions of personal space, behavior in stressful situations, daily habits or religious beliefs. Surveys can be general or specific, and the author should ... More »