Download movies for free at sites such as Internet Archive Movies and Public Domain Torrents. These sites offer downloads of movies in the public domain, which are typically the only movies available to legally download ... More » Art & Literature

As of January 2016, it is illegal to watch free movies on Movie2k, which has been rebranded as Movie4K. It is considered to be an illegal portal for streaming videos, and many Internet service providers have banned it. M... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, it is legal to watch movies at no cost on file sharing sites such as PrimeWire, according to New Media Rights. Even if the material is under copyright protection and the viewer assumes the supplier has not ob... More » Government & Politics Law Is This Illegal?
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The only way to legally download free movies is through public domain sites, such as Public Domain Torrents, Internet Movie Archives and Public Domain Flicks, states These sites host movies whose copyrights ar... More » Art & Literature

Streaming full movies on sites such as Megashare is legal in most cases, according to Business Insider, but it is illegal to download any part of the movie, often called "pseudo-streaming," or to show the movie to a larg... More » Art & Literature

Any film that has passed into the public domain is completely legal to download without payment. In the United States, any film shown before the year 1923 is in the public domain. There are also a number of independent f... More » Art & Literature

The easiest way to download full movies for free is through websites that host movies in the public domain; OpenFlix and the Internet Archive are two such resources. A majority of movies in the public domain are from the... More » Art & Literature