The Comic Life app is a paid app available for the Apple or Windows operating platform and most users can download the app through the Comic Life section of the plasq website. It is also available through Apple iTunes. More » Technology Mobile

Customers can download Colonial Life insurance forms online, as the Colonial Life website shows in 2015. Claim forms for download include those for critical illness, catastrophic accident, cancer, pregnancy and vision. S... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Gamers can play online birthing games such as “Cute Girl Givin Birth” and “Give a Birth to Your Daughter” on arcade websites such as and Both of these games are completely free to play and don't requir... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games
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The Magic Puzzles app, also known as the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles app, can operate on Apple, Windows, and Android devices as of 2015. Development of device compatibility support and updates to the Magic Jigsaw app come from ... More » Technology Mobile

WhatsApp Messenger is an app that allows communication between users across supported mobile platforms, including Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS. It was developed by WhatsApp Inc. as an alternative to SMS messaging... More » Technology Mobile

To find free iPhone apps, navigate to the Apple website and click iTunes in the Shop and Learn section at the bottom of the page. Once there, click the Charts option at the top right corner of the page, and click Free Ap... More » Technology Mobile

Zombie Highway is an app available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets that focuses on removing zombies that attach to the player's car before the car tips over. The app has been followed by a sequel titled Zom... More » Technology Mobile