Reliable sources for downloading Blackberry software and applications include and, with each offering links to specific programs as well as the latest version of the device's operating system... More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, Samsung users can download BlackBerry Messenger for Samsung devices through the application's page on the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store's version of BBM is compatible with any device using the Andr... More » Technology Mobile

As of December 2015, you need a BlackBerry phone and BlackBerry ID to download apps from the BlackBerry World store. You can either browse and choose apps via the BlackBerry World webstore, or directly browse for, downlo... More » Technology Mobile
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Some of the highest rated free Blackberry themes on are Blackberry Pearl by user i_cuul and the Blackberry Bold theme by user Aarav__. gives the Jesus Love theme and the Box Robot theme ... More » Technology Mobile

In addition to making calls, modern telephones or cell phones are used for sending and receiving text messages, taking pictures, accessing the Internet, downloading applications, sending and receiving emails, recording a... More » Technology Mobile

Streaming videos and music, video chat, downloading applications, sending or uploading photographs, and GPS navigation accompanied by map images all significantly add to cell phone data usage. Web browsing, email, instan... More » Technology Mobile

Some of the most popular Android applications include Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which have over one billion downloads from Android's online store, Google Play.... More » Technology Mobile