Apple runs App Stores for Macintosh computers and for its mobile devices. To download an app from the Mac App Store, you need an Apple ID. Once you have logged in successfully, search for free applications, and you shoul... More » Technology Mobile

Users who have computers that run on Windows 8.1 can safely download apps from the integrated Windows Store, while those who have Mac computers can download apps without risk from the Mac App Store. Both stores are avail... More » Technology Mobile

To download the Cydia app store, go to the official website Cydia and download from the forums. You must have a Windows operating system since that is the only available operating system that Cydia uses. More » Technology Mobile
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The Watchtower library of the Jehova's Witness church has an app available for downloads to all Apple mobile devices running iOS 6.0 or later, as of 2015. The app is optimized to work best with iPhone versions 5, 6 and 6... More » Technology Mobile

The Magic Puzzles app, also known as the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles app, can operate on Apple, Windows, and Android devices as of 2015. Development of device compatibility support and updates to the Magic Jigsaw app come from ... More » Technology Mobile

Searching "anagram" on the Google play store or the Apple app store yields numerous results of anagram solver apps. Many of them are free, some are paid, and it is usually best to opt for the top-rated apps, such as "Ana... More » Technology Mobile

Depending on its brand, applications for a smartphone can be purchased through either the Google Play Store, the Apple app store or the Windows Phone app store. Applications can also be purchased for Android smartphones ... More » Technology Mobile