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The Department of Transportation's tire registration is a way to file your tire's unique ID code in case of a safety issue or factory recall. Tire companies in the United States have created online registration tools that take and store product information and customer details in a database in case


ABCYa.com offers dot-to-dot games that require players to count by ones or multiples, within number ranges. The games give players a visual hint after three incorrect choices, as well as a percentage score at the end. Animated graphics of the dot-to-dot are shown at game’s end.


A free registration form is a document used to gather information through a variety of questions. There are several formats of registration form, which frame questions around an applicant's personal or professional background. Additional forms of proof may be needed to verify accuracy of the provide


The DOT acronym is mostly used in the United States and the United Kingdom to abbreviate Department of Transportation. Other meanings of DOT include damage over time, directly observed therapy and the Department of the Treasury.


The United States Department of Transportation updates its rulemaking documents on the official government website whenever a new regulation passes. The department lists the rules by date, subject and part. The department lists 17 new regulations for 2014.


The term "party dots" refers to a small, adhesive lighting accessory or small tattoos applied to the hands. They are displayed as a rite of passage during a party or group initiation. According to Party Dots, these dots light up the party.


Product registration is the process of sending a customer's personal and product information to the company that sold the product. Companies use product registration as a way to gather marketing data and provide technical support.


A DOT (Department of Transportation) number search is most commonly done to search the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) system. According the U.S. Department of Transportation, this record contains a company's identification, size, commodity information and safety record.


A DOT certification is a test administered by the U.S. Federal Department of Transportation according to strict guidelines for verifying the safety of vehicles, drivers and vehicle accessories. Examples of DOT certification programs include medical examinations and impact testing for motorcycle helm


Examples of federal Department of Transportation regulations include requiring commercial drivers to keep log books and take rest periods throughout their shift, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Other examples of DOT regulations include rules governing the shipping of pe