A United States Department of Transportation, or USDOT, number is used primarily on commercial-based vehicles as a unique identifier that helps in monitoring the companies safety information during audits or inspections.... More »

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Car owners can register their tires using their respective Department of Transportation, or DOT, code through registration forms provided by various tire retailers, such as Michelin and Bridgestone. A tire registration f... More »

To become a Department of Transformation certified physician, you must meet minimum eligibility requirements, complete training on physical qualification standards and pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration... More »

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The Motor Carrier Identification Report, or MCS-150 form is the qualifying document and first step in applying for a United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. All an applicant needs to do is either call,... More »

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There are several ways to look up a list of auto recalls by manufacturer, including registering with a car's maker for direct alerts and checking with different websites that list safety recall information including Reca... More »

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A United States Department of Transportation, or USDOT, number is primarily issued to any business organization that owns commercial vehicles as a means of keeping track of the company's safety rating. The U.S. Federal M... More »

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In states where vehicle safety inspections are required, the vehicle does not need to be inspected in the county where the owner lives. Vehicle inspection laws apply throughout the state; therefore, as long as the vehicl... More »