The main ingredients of Doritos are corn, vegetable oil and salt. Different flavors of Doritos contain a different blend of spices and flavors. Some also contain artificial colors and preservatives. More » Food Grocery Snacks

To make a Mexican casserole using Doritos chips, combine ingredients such as crushed Doritos, green bell pepper and cheese, add browned pork and chicken, and bake the mixture in a casserole dish. offers a ... More » Food Cooking

To make a taco salad with Doritos, combine seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Toss the ingredients with salad dressing, and serve. More » Food Cooking
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3D Doritos were launched in the early 2000s and were discontinued just a few years later. The maker of 3D Doritos, Frito-Lay, never gave a reason for why it discontinued this puffed triangle snack. More » Food Grocery Snacks

Some Doritos flavors include nacho cheese, salsa verde, spicy sweet chili and cool ranch. Doritos' parent company, Frito Lay, released a variation of Doritos called Dinamita. These Dinamita Doritos are also corn chips, b... More » Food Grocery Snacks

In the United States, some Doritos products contain pork, while others do not. Doritos products without pork rennet include Cool Ranch, Dinamitas, Flamas, Poppin' Jalapenos, Nacho Cheese and Nacho Cheese for Taco Bell, S... More » Food Grocery Snacks

As of October of 2014, Frito-Lay no longer makes 3D Doritos. This Doritos brand was introduced in the mid-2000s, but only remained on the market for a few years. More » Food Grocery Snacks