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In 2007, Dr. Beverly Shafer must have thought the same thing when she asked her patient Nina Esile if she would be willing to donate the excess skin from her tummy tuck. MTF used to have a program that accepted donated skin after weight loss surgery but that program was discontinued in 2011.


Wait until you have maintained a stable weight for 12 to 18 months before undergoing body contouring surgery and having skin removed. Most patients who donate skin have lost 100 pounds or more. Having plastic surgery before your weight has stabilized may result in the need for additional surgery as your body continues to change.


Regarding: "Skin Donation After Tummy Tuck? After bariatric surgery, there is a lot of excess skin that will need to be removed via Tummy Tuck. Can one donate this skin to a burn victim? I heard it's possible" We do not use the skin removed from massive weight loss patients for other applications for multiple reason:


Questions and Answers About Skin Donation. December 28, 2017. ... In fact, burn wound infection or sepsis is primarily the major cause of death in patients with burn injuries. In case of burns, the skin (which is the main protective barrier for the body) is destroyed. When this happens, the body is exposed to pathogens.


If anyone truly wishes to help burn patients, please consider post-mortem skin donations, much like you might consider donation of other organs. If you have "live" skin you wish to donate, please contact:: The American Burn Association 650 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 1530 Chicago, IL 60611 Phone 800-548-2876 Fax 312-642-9150


What about diabetes & hypertension? Even donors with these conditions can donate their skin. How will my donation be used? After the skin is harvested, skin will be evaluated, processed, screened at our skin bank, and then supplied to the Burns Surgeon for transplanting on burn patients.


The donated skin can be use as a temporary treatment for patients with severe burns and as the patient’s own skin heals, it can be grafted on the burned area as a permanent covering. The person will make the decision to donate his or her skin in the same manner as other organ donations.


Only patients who are more than 50 per cent burned require skin donations – about seven of the 150 patients a year in Edmonton’s Firefighters’ Burn Treatment Unit. But they need a lot.


I found out she has had it done too and lost 195 pounds, she is three yeas out now. She mentioned the saggy skin and said she had her Tummy Tuck at a local hospital for FREE because she donated her excess skin to the burn unit. Apparently if you have a few pounds of excess skin and donate it (via tons of forms) you can get it for free!


I do not know if this is true, but I plan to look into it tomorrow. While at the grocery store I bumped into a lady who's daughter had WLS a few years ago. She told me that The SHRINERS HOSPITAL for Children will do the skin removal for free as long as they can have the skin donated to them for their burn victims, for skin grafts.