A domain name is a unique address on the Internet that identifies computers and networks. It works as a part of the Domain Name System through which a user can assign an alphanumerical designation to an IP address, makin... More »

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Find and register a free domain name at Freenom.com. Freenom offer free domain names with the suffixes TK, ML, GA, CF and GQ. Registration and renewal of these domains are free of charge. Some very short domain names or ... More »

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According to the Indiana University Knowledge Base, a local area network domain is defined as a sub-network that is made up of servers and clients, each of which are controlled by a centralized database. User approval is... More »

A domain name is the Internet equivalent of a physical home address for a website. The name, such as "mywebsite.com" or "internetaddress.org" points to an exact location to a server, much like a postal address points to ... More »

DNS resource records are primarily a massive collection of IP addresses of domain names, services, zones, private networks and devices used by DNS servers to locate services or devices on the Internet worldwide, and are ... More »

According to GoDaddy, the .CA domain extension in an Internet address represents that the website has connections to or is intended to cater to Canadian audiences. The extension is the official top-level domain name exte... More »

A router is a piece of hardware that networks devices such as computers, tablets and gaming consoles together and manages those devices communicating with the Internet. Routers can be wired, wireless or a combination of ... More »