There are hundreds of companies that offer domain registration, notes industry news site The top domain five registrars are Hover, Namecheap, Gandi, Dreamhost and according to a 2012 reader poll b... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Freenom and Dot TK are two companies that offer free domain registration on their websites as of 2015. Award Space also offers free domain registration but restricts the service to paid members of its website. More » Technology Internet & Networking

A number of Web hosting services, including Wix and, offer free top-level domain registration to customers who subscribe to their hosting services. In general, this is the only way to register popular top-... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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Users of a website can check the credibility of the site by looking at the author of the site, the date the site was published, the company that designed the site, the sources of the site, the domain of the site and the ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some hosting companies offer free domain names outright or with the purchase of a paid subscription. Hosting companies occasionally run promotions in which they cover the cost of a domain name registration if you sign up... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Update an "A record" form to change an IP address associated with a FQDN, or fully qualified domain name. This effectively changes the IP address associated with an Internet address name, which is commonly used as a URL ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Find and register a free domain name at Freenom offer free domain names with the suffixes TK, ML, GA, CF and GQ. Registration and renewal of these domains are free of charge. Some very short domain names or ... More » Technology Internet & Networking