A Newfoundland dog rescue can be any group or organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned, lost, unwanted and stray Newfoundland dogs and puppies. Most animal rescue groups are run by non-profit organizations and volunt... More »

Some Yorkie dog rescues include United Yorkie Rescue, Save a Yorkie Rescue and Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc. Other Yorkshire Terrier rescues can be found on Petfinder, which is a site where rescues and dog shel... More »

As of August 2015, Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue includes a list of other mastiff rescue groups on its website, Some mastiff rescues also list available dogs on the pet adoption directory More »

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One of the tips for adopting Newfoundland puppies is to check dog rescue groups and shelters first and inquire if they have adoptable puppies. Many dedicated Newfoundland rescue groups are home to puppies, adolescent and... More »

Newfoundland mix puppies, or "newfies", are a hybrid of a Newfoundland crossed with another dog breed. These are not purebred dogs. "Newfies" are often crossed with Labradors because they are similar breeds with similar ... More »

The Newfoundland is a very large shaggy dog, and the Landseer is a black and white color variant of the normally all-black Newfoundland. They are calm and laid-back as adults, but they do require daily exercise and must ... More »

The Newfoundland is a double-coated dog that naturally sheds large amounts of fur during seasonal temperature changes. While you cannot eliminate shedding, you can help keep it under control. Use a shampoo made for dogs ... More »