Wellness dog food's brand of Small Breed Adult Healthy Dry Dog Food was recalled in 2012 for moisture contamination. The second recall of 2012 was for Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy bags of food, which had t... More »

Natural Balance Pet Foods issued a recall of multiple dog food products in 2012 due to possible salmonella contamination. In 2007, the company had multiple dog food recalls due to melamine contamination and a possible co... More »

In August 2013, Iams recalled many of its dry dog food formulas, including Healthy Naturals Chicken, Healthy Naturals Weight Control and Proactive Health. Suspected potential for salmonella contamination instigated the r... More »

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The exact ingredient list of canned dog food varies dramatically by brand and diet, but in general, wet food consists of meat chunks and gravy. Pet food manufacturers usually use offal, which is the head, feet, liver, ki... More »

Diamond Naturals Dog Food is among the best cheap dog food brands. The dog food is lamb, beef or chicken-based, which provides dogs with an ample amount of protein. More »

The amount of food to feed a dog varies depending on the dog's age, activity level, size and type of food. Puppies typically require more food than adult dogs because of the amount of calories they burn. Commercial dog f... More »

A 10-pound dog should be fed two small meals daily with approximately 1 cup of food each, using a dog food made primarily of animal protein, according to Hartz. Veterinarians frequently recommend combining wet and dry do... More »