The Prentice Hall Geometry book has a separate answer key called “Prentice Hall Mathematics: Geometry - Solution Key." This answer key is available from several sources, including More »

Geometry is the math related to proportions, or size, shape and position, so practical applications of geometry come in measurement and spatial reasoning. Everything from wrapping a gift to designing a backyard landscape... More »

The inventor of geometry was Euclid, and his nickname was The Father of Geometry. Euclid obtained his education at Plato's Academy in Athens, Greece and then moved to Alexandria. More »

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has published guidelines for geometry that should be mastered at each grade level. However, whether the geometry problems are hard to solve depends on each student's abilit... More » Math Geometry

Prentice Hall Publishing is located in Upper Saddle River, N.J. The company is a part of the Pearson Education Company that specializes in publishing secondary and higher education textbooks and technology for use by stu... More »

Prentice Hall Physical Science is a series of science books for high-school students. The books are intended for grades 6 through 12, and are published by national educational publisher Prentice Hall. The actual authors ... More » Education

There are online sites where it is possible to download Prentice Hall text books, such as PHschool, and Explore learning. If the whole book is not required, then particular chapters can be selected for download. More »