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The Hindu supreme god Brahman is made of seven gods. They are, 1. Indra - Heaven 2. Shakti 3. Brahma 4. Vishnu - Default Hindu god 5. Shiva 6. Shani 7. Yama - Hell Vishnu had seven headed snake on his head. When Indra became god of Heaven and Yama...


Since 2012, viral images of a multi-headed snake found by the side of the road in Honduras or India (and sometimes in other locations) have been circulating on the internet. Sometimes the snake sports three heads, sometimes it's five heads, while in other photos it is a seven-headed snake that's depicted in the very realistic-looking images.


Does five headed snake exist? Wiki User 2013-07-15 17:43:21. No !! Upto Now Only Two - Headed Snakes' Sightings And Existence Have. Been Recorded Not Five - Headed. Related Questions.


But even if a snake is born with 5 heads, it can never stand up like that because its morphology would not support the weight of 5 heads. Truth or fiction, we don't know if a 5 headed snake could exist in reality. But, the place that the Sheshnag has among the Hindu gods is sacred. Do you think that the Sheshnag actually exists on the Earth?


Seven Headed Snake In India — Real Or Fake? Hoax, Mythology, And Religion. James Ayre - December 2, 2013 March 31, 2016. Images of a seven headed snake, supposedly taken in India, have recently been making the rounds on the internet — while the images certainly do appear to be rather poorly done photoshops, perhaps there’s some truth to ...


Is five headed snake real ... Only in fantasy stories. Related Questions. Asked in Snakes Does five headed snake exist ... Headed Snakes' Sightings And Existence Have Been Recorded Not Five - Headed


Living proof, caught on video, that talking snakes do still exist, at least of the species comedian reptibillious maherhisser! The full video has positive points, poking fun as it does of cults and their leaders, money-grubbing televangelists, faked manifestations of spiritual gifts and violent Islamic fanaticism.


Polycephaly (i.e., having multiple heads) is a phenomenon that many different species of animal occasionally exhibit (most commonly snakes and turtles), and it is sufficiently unusual that ...


The images do not show a real five-headed snake. Four of the images are in fact photographs of normal, one-headed snakes that have been altered in an image manipulation program to appear that the snakes are five-headed. One of the images may show a toy or model that has been staged for the photograph. Example