A BB gun is capable of killing a squirrel. This depends on the power of the gun, the skill of the hunter and the penetration point. Gray squirrels have a reputation for hardiness, but even .177 caliber, the smallest avai... More »

The simplest and safest way to kill squirrels is to trap them, preferably by hiring a professional animal control expert to lay the traps and handle the animals. Although many people attempt to kill squirrels by poisonin... More »

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"BB" in the term "BB gun" refers to the type of ammunition that kind of gun typically uses. A BB is a round projectile, in contrast to the more complex shapes of pellets. The original BB was .18 inches in diameter and ma... More »

A BB or pellet gun should receive two drops inside the chamber for every 300 to 1,000 shots fired. The more use a gun gets, the more oil it should receive. First determine the type of oil that works best for the particul... More »

Amazon.com is the easiest place to find this particular BB gun. This is because the retail site is pulling together a number of different online stores into one place. More »

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Inexpensive BB guns are widely available from a number of retail outlets. They can be found online or at traditional brick-and-mortar locations. Prices will vary depending on models and available accessories. More »

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BB guns use compressed gas to fire spherical pellets at a high velocity. In some cases, a manual pump is used to compress gas, and in others, compressed gas comes from a pre-filled compressed carbon dioxide container. On... More »