Using hot water to wash clothing can cause shrinkage, depending on the type of fiber the fabric is made from. Fibers that are more likely to shrink when washed in hot water include cotton, wool and linen. More-stable fib... More »

Cotton shrinks in both hot and warm water because it is a natural fiber. Natural fibers are often combined using a loose weave in order to give garments more give. Looser weaves tend to tighten up and return to their nat... More »

Shirts shrink in warm or hot water. A hot or warm wash cycle heats and agitates woven fibers. This process relaxes the fibers, returning them to the natural state they were in before being pulled and stretched to make cl... More »

The degree to which clothes shrink in the washer and dryer depends largely on the type of fabric involved. Cotton, wool and linen shrink quickly when heat is applied, while synthetic fabrics are much less likely to shrin... More »

Most white clothing should be washed in hot water, although there are some instances - such as in the case of delicates, and certain fabric types, when warm or cold water may be more appropriate. Hot water is often the b... More »

To remove Wite-Out from clothing, scrape the fabric with a spoon, saturate it with household lubricant, scrub it, rinse the fabric, blot the stain with acetone, and wash it with soap and water. This 30-minute process req... More »

To shrink clothes, wash the garment in hot water and dry with high heat. The exact method depends on the type of material of the particular piece of clothing. The timing on this project varies with how many washing and d... More »