Hairspray does not damage hair unless it is used in excess and the hair is not washed after use. Hairspray with alcohol as an ingredient can cause excessive drying of the hair when used, and environmentally conscious use... More »

According to the Jean Louis David salon, hairspray is not likely to cause any long-term damage to hair when it's used in moderation. Processes for cleaning away hairspray buildup help avoid hair damage. More »

To remove hairspray from hair, comb a mixture of baking soda and shampoo through the hair and rinse it out. Use a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo. If this mixture doesn't remove all the hairspray, you can use condit... More »

Leave-in conditioner, hair serum, styling gel or mousse, styling sprays and hairspray are some recommended styling products for short to medium hair. The most effective styling products depend on the style and texture of... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Styling Products

To maintain a pixie cut, some hair product will need to be used, but that could include items like mousse, hairspray, gels or pomades. Hairspray is not necessarily needed to maintain the look of a pixie cut, especially i... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Styling Products

The task of straightening out naturally curly hair often necessitates the use of heat and chemicals. However, it is possible to straighten your curly hair from home. You need shampoo, conditioner, a towel, a straightenin... More »

When choosing a razor hair-cutting tool, the customer should consider her personal safety, the amount of use she expects to get out of the tool, the styles she wishes to achieve, price and the cost of replacement blades.... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Styling Products