Liquid chlorine evaporates very quickly. One pound of liquid chlorine forms 5.4 cubic feet of chlorine gas when evaporated. Liquid chlorine is chlorine that has been cooled and compressed. More »

Wash dishes normally. Prepare bleach sanitizing solution by adding 2 teaspoons of chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of warm water. Soak each dish in the bleach water for at least 2 minutes. Drain the soaked dishes, and let the... More »

Salt crystals are formed when sodium and chlorine bond together via a shared electron and these sodium and chlorine molecules bond with other sodium and chlorine molecules. Water dissolves the connection between the sodi... More »

How fast a liquid evaporates depends upon the type of liquid and the volume of the liquid, as well as how large the surface area upon which the liquid is spread. For example, if the same volume of water is placed in thre... More » Science Chemistry States of Matter

The particles that evaporate from a liquid first are the most energetic ones. The Maxwell-Boltzmann velocity distribution is an equation that describes this phenomenon, and it shows that in every substance, a fraction of... More »

Water evaporates faster at higher temperatures, when its surface area increases and when exposed to moving air. The concentration of water and other substances in the surrounding air and air pressure also affect evaporat... More »

There is no single evaporation rate for gasoline because the rate varies based on additives in the gasoline and the environmental conditions where it is stored. In an open container at room temperature, the volatile comp... More »