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Buyers looking to secure a less-expensive Dodge Viper sports car may wish to consider buying a first-generation vehicle produced from 1993 to 1995 or a second-generation vehicle from 1997 or later. While the production numbers for the Viper have never been on the order of more common vehicles, cars


Popular Ram trucks include the Ram 1500, the Ram 2500 and the Ram 3500, as of 2015. The Dodge brand stopped producing trucks in 2009 when it decided to focus on its performance car and Caravan lines, and its Ram division began focusing on heavy-duty trucks, SUVS and cargo vans.


Dodge trucks are available through CarMax and official Dodge dealerships. CarMax focuses on used trucks, while dealerships typically have new vehicles. Some dealerships do have certified pre-owned trucks and rentals.


As of 2015, the Dodge Ram SRT-10 is the only production pickup truck to use the same engine as the Dodge Viper. However, at least one concept truck from Dodge also used the Viper engine, and several Dodge Ram models used V10s that were similar to the Viper engine.


Purchase replacement parts for older Dodge trucks online at Jcwhitney.com and Autopartswarehouse.com, or from Mopar Truck Parts by calling 530-554-4528, as of 2015. Mopar Truck Parts' website, Mopartruckparts.com, does not offer online purchasing; however, customers have the option of requesting mor


To find Dodge truck specifications as of July 2015, visit the RamTrucks.com homepage and place the cursor over Trucks & Vans. Click on a truck. On the truck page, click on Specs.


Tips for purchasing a Dodge truck include examining the trim options, comparing it to similar available vehicles, to not rule out the value of purchasing an older truck, and to research both the seller and the vehicle extensively. Following these tips allows buyers to get the most value for the leas


Some old models of Dodge pick up trucks include the 1929 Dodge Merchant Express Half Ton, the 1933 through 1939 'C' series trucks, the 1939 through 1947 Power Wagon, the 1948 through 1953 'B' series, and the 'D' series trucks that ran from 1961 through 1993. Dodge pick up trucks were first in many f


The Dodge Brothers Company built its first trucks for use by the U.S. Army during the First World War. Afterward, Dodge Brothers produced mechanical components for vehicles built by the Graham Brothers Company until 1928, and it produced its first half-ton pickup for Chrysler in 1929, after which tr


Some key features of the 2015 Dodge Viper GTS are dual side-exit performance exhaust, power adjustable pedals and a five-mode electronic stability control. The Dodge Viper GTS comes equipped with a 8.4-Liter V10 SFI engine, Brembo® two-piece performance brakes and Pirelli brand tires.