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A listing of local Viper system dealers is available on the Where to Buy page at the Viper website. On this page, users can search by ZIP code in order to find the closest dealer.


Buyers looking to secure a less-expensive Dodge Viper sports car may wish to consider buying a first-generation vehicle produced from 1993 to 1995 or a second-generation vehicle from 1997 or later. While the production numbers for the Viper have never been on the order of more common vehicles, cars


Click the Dealers and Vehicles link in the upper right corner of the Dodge website. If the website is able to determine your location, clicking the link shows the number of vehicles and dealerships nearby. Click the number of dealerships to see the results on the Find a Dealer page.


Some key features of the 2015 Dodge Viper GTS are dual side-exit performance exhaust, power adjustable pedals and a five-mode electronic stability control. The Dodge Viper GTS comes equipped with a 8.4-Liter V10 SFI engine, Brembo® two-piece performance brakes and Pirelli brand tires.


The Dodge Viper does not come factor made with a V12 engine. The Dodge Viper is made with a V10 engine.


The Dodge website provides a list of certified dealers who sell Dodge parts online. The individual dealership websites connect buyers with the Mopar eStore, which sells genuine Dodge parts.


As of 2015, the Dodge Ram SRT-10 is the only production pickup truck to use the same engine as the Dodge Viper. However, at least one concept truck from Dodge also used the Viper engine, and several Dodge Ram models used V10s that were similar to the Viper engine.


Tips for Viper wiring installation include keeping wires as organized as possible and taking care to avoid electrical shorts. Accomplish this by immediately connecting all wires and harnesses and separating them from wires not being used. Tape these wires together to avoid accidentally connecting th


Vipers live on every continent of the world except for Australia and Antarctica. They do not live on isolated islands or north of the Arctic Circle.


To program a Viper door, you need to open a door first, and turn the ignition. Press and hold the Valet button. Finally, program the remote.