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Request oriented classification (or -indexing) is classification in which the anticipated request from users is influencing how documents are being classified. The ...


Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and ... Automate mailroom processes with intelligent document classification.


Classify Documents and Enforce Policies. Document Classification app | ownCloud marketplace. Dealing with sensitive information naturally introduces the risk of ...


Document Classification? This topic comes up from time to time, but not consistently. I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion on the.


A2iA's powerful data classification and document classification tools enable each document's data to be systematically categorized and routed.


Document Classification & Routing software allows you to capture a wide variety of unsorted documents, automatically organize them by type, extract the data, ...


We propose a hierarchical attention network for document classification. Our model has two distinctive characteristics: (i) it has a hier- archical structure that ...


The first goal of this project is to provide a classifier for documents using a zero- layer neural network, which is a linear classification with non-linear activations.


Capture, classify, extract, validate and process any document with IRISPowerscan 10!


The document vectors are a numerical representation of documents and are in the following used for classification via a decision tree, support vector machine ...