Some good floating dock designs are straight, P-shaped and L-shaped designs. Other popular designs include T-shaped and U-shaped designs. Floating docks stay at a constant height above water which makes them ideal for de... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

In the United States, floating homes are typically allowed to moor at slips that lie adjacent to docks for traditional boats and ships when on a moving body of water such as a river or bay. Floating homes are also found ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Some charging docks for the iPhone 5 include the Lightning Dock, Mophie and Belkin MIXIT ChargeSync Dock. Each is sold online and offers different features designed to appeal to every iPhone 5 user. More » Technology Mobile

To build a floating dock, combine floatable containers, pressure treated lumber, galvanized screws and nails, and 10-20 L shape braces in a square shape, securing the containers on the bottom of the dock. Other materials... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

A floating deck does not require footing installation. Instead, the deck floats on concrete blocks set on top of the ground. Concrete block manufacturers offer special blocks for supporting floating decks. These blocks o... More »

Some popular designs for steel gates include plain picket style, curved top, and webbed designs. Also popular are ornamental gates featuring horses, deer, trees, bears and dogs. Designs such as sea shell scallops, waves,... More » Home & Garden Outdoor features several innovative patio roof designs, including Tropical Craftsman by Gardener Mohr Architects LLC and Outdoor Patio by Kim Woods. Outdoor Patio is an excellent example of a traditional Los Angeles de... More » Home & Garden Outdoor