Wasps do not die when they sting. Wasps have barbs on their stingers that can be retracted, allowing them to safely remove the stinger without injuring themselves. More »

During the winter, all worker wasps die due to starvation and only mated queen wasps survive. Queen wasps hibernate inside a rock, wood or burrow to survive the season. Though hibernating queen wasps are protected from w... More »

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Most wasps die in the winter due to starvation, not the cold, as was previously thought. Some can survive if food can be found outside the nest. More »

The three primary types of vespid wasps are paper wasps, yellowjackets and hornets. These wasps can be differentiated from bees by their lack of body hair and their thinner bodies, but the differences between vespid wasp... More »

A wasp swarm refers to either a large group of wasps concentrated around a tall structure during mating season or the mass of wasps that rush out of the nest to defend it when disturbed. Wasps do not swarm for any other ... More »

The main difference between wasps and hornets is that wasp colonies tend to be smaller, with fewer than 100 individuals, while hornet colonies typically have many more. It is often difficult to tell the difference betwee... More »

Sand wasps are members of the Crabronidae family in the order Hymenoptera, which includes ants, bees and wasps. The sand wasps are identified by a banded pattern of black and yellow or white and black on the abdomen. The... More »