Spiders do not have bones. They are arthropods, and like all such organisms, they have external skeletons that are the primary support for their muscles. Their exoskeletons consist of cuticles with joints in the surface ... More »

The term "banana spider" actually refers to three different types of spiders; the Brazilian wandering spider which is poisonous, the golden silk orb-weaver which is not poisonous, and the Argiope appensa which is also no... More »

Diving bell spiders of the species Argyroneta aquatica have the ability to swim, and they use this adaptation to live underwater. Although they live and swim in the water, diving bell spiders still breathe air by creatin... More »

Contrary to widespread urban legends, spiders do not lay eggs in human skin. This setting is not an appropriate environment for spider eggs to hatch. More »

Common black spiders that enter houses include the mouse spider, black house spider and common house spider. The black widow is another common black spider with red markings, according to Termite. More »

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Garden spiders eat flying insects like gnats, flies, mosquitoes and bees. These spiders are known for making sticky, orb-like webs that catch their prey as it flies into them. More »

Some common species of spiders in California are long-legged cellar spiders, tarantulas and trapdoor spiders. Cellar spiders are also commonly known as daddy long-legged spiders. The arachnids are an imported species tha... More »

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