Red and yellow do make people hungry, according to research results. People eat more when they are surrounded by warm colors, such as yellow, orange and red. Cold colors, such as blue, purple and black, suppress the appe...

Red and yellow mixed together make the color orange. Red and yellow are both considered primary colors, which means that they cannot be created by mixing two other colors. Blue is the only other primary color.

Warm colors, such as red and orange, are believed to cause people to feel hungry. Many fast food restaurants, such as McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King, use these colors in their logo. Cool colors, such as blue and pur...


Red is a primary color, so it is not usually possible to produce it by mixing two or more colors. However, print technology uses alternative primary colors, and an overlapping of magenta and yellow produces red.

Red has a number of shades, ranging from baby pink to dark sienna. Many home improvement stores stock color cards with different categories of red to help people find the perfect part of the spectrum the want.

Red on a black background gives a glowing effect. A white background dulls the red, and red merges into the color orange with a clashing effect. The best color to pair with red depends on what effect is desired.

Red is a very intense, very stimulating color that represents physical needs and a will to survive. Representative of blood and fire, the vivid color is aptly associated with war and passion.