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County use tax chart for counties outside of New York City. The chart shows the use taxes for all original registrations and renewals by the weight of the ...


The fee to replace your vehicle registration document and windshield sticker is $3.00 unless you are also replacing plates. Replace online and print a ...


Overview. All vehicles in New York must be registered to be on the road. To do this, you must visit your local DMV office. Make sure you come prepared too the ...


Vehicle transactions. New registration and plates. Please note: This service is only available to customers who live in New York City (New York County, Bronx ...


Popular Services · Renew a License · Change Address · Register a Vehicle · Make a Reservation.


I applied to register to a vehicle in New YorkIf you live in New York ... I did not get my registration renewal reminder in the mail (or by text or email).


VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOCUMENTSThese sample vehicle registration documents are the registration receipt and the window sticker and the renewal notice.


You can replace your vehicle registration document and windshield sticker for a ... and registration class, see sample New York DMV Registration Documents.


Registration Information. What are you renewing? Please Select, Vehicle / Trailer, Boat, Snowmobile. You must select what you are renewing to continue.


If you registered your snowmobile in New York before, do not register again. Instead, you can renew your registration. This is not available to New York ...


Bring your registration renewal notice (MV-3 or OP-3) and payment to a DMV office. If you do not have your MV-3 or OP3, complete the Vehicle Registration / ...