Some DJ mixers that are free to download are Mixx and VirtualDJ 8. Mixx is available for Windows, Mac OSX version 10.5 and above, and Ubuntu. The two scratchable desks in this software support drag-and-drop functionality... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Some free online DJ mixers are PartyCloud and Until AM. PartyCloud uses the iWebDJ online DJ player and allows users to mix tracks from SoundCloud. They can play up to two sound tracks at once and apply effects such as c... More » Technology Audio Equipment

DJ Sheepwolf Mixer, DJ Dance Master, DJ Turntable and Music Matrix are some online DJ games. These games can be found at specific DJ gaming websites, such as and, as well as general gaming w... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games
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A full version of a free WMA to MP3 converter is available on the CNET download website. CNET also offers downloadable programs and software reviews. More » Technology Audio Equipment

VirtualDJ is one of the most popular free DJ software applications. It is available on both PC and Mac operating systems and is free for home use. More » Technology Audio Equipment

As of December 2015 it remains possible to download and install the latest version of Java on Windows XP. However, Oracle stopped officially supporting XP in April 2014. states that users may still use the lates... More » Technology Software

As of 2015, some good free alarm clock programs for Windows computers are WakeupOnStandBy and Free Alarm Clock, while a good free alarm clock for Mac OSX is Wake Up Time. WakeupOnStandBy wakes a computer up from sleep mo... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help