Free divorce records are found either online or by going to the clerk’s office for the court that granted the divorce. Viewing the records may be free; however, the court may charge a fee for providing copies of the reco... More » Government & Politics Law

Check divorce records for free online with at government offices such as the Arizona Judicial Branch, the Lee County, Florida, Clerk of Court or the Oakland County, Michigan, Clerk of the Court. A complete state court li... More » Government & Politics Public Records

A person can access free public records online by going to, BRB Publications, Online Searches and other websites that offer free public records search functions. These sites allow users to access various types of... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Free copies of a divorce decree are obtained from the court clerkメs office, department of records, attorneys handling the case and online sources, notes LegalZoom. A divorce decree documents the outcome of a divorce acti... More » Government & Politics Law

Individuals petition federal courts to have dismissed federal indictments expunged by visiting the court clerk's office and filing an application, according to Nolo. Unlike most state courts, federal courts do not have s... More » Government & Politics Law

To prepare a legal separation agreement, research the divorce rules and requirements in your state; inquire at the court clerk's office for a sample separation agreement, or find state-specific samples online; and state ... More » Government & Politics Law

Individuals can view court records by requesting access to court documents in person at a county, state or federal courthouse at the clerk's office. Many case files can also be accessed at public access terminals at cert... More » Government & Politics Public Records