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The date of a divorce is listed on the official divorce decree, according to LegalZoom. Both parties to the divorce and the judge who presided over it all sign the original decree, and the court issues copies at the time of the divorce.


One good question about divorce asks how long the process is going to take, according to Community Legal Aid. The answer depends upon several factors, such as the number and type of issues involved, the level of cooperation among the parties and the approach taken by each lawyer.


Some divorce tips for women include choosing to redefine oneself after a divorce, creating a support system for emotional well-being and planning for the financial future after the divorce is necessary, notes WebMD and Forbes and Women's Day magazines. It is also important for women to remember not


According to research by Corporate Legal Services, as of October 2013, the leading cause of divorce is unreasonable behavior. Unreasonable behaviors can range from a husband making his wife feel bad for going out with her friends or a spouse spending all of the money in a joint savings account.


Grounds for divorce include sexual misconduct, adultery, mental illness, alcoholism or drug addiction, according to About.com Relationships. Withholding sex or carnal abandonment can also be used as grounds for divorce as well as cruel and abusive treatment, long-term incarceration, desertion, impot


Despite its generally negative connotation, being divorced may bring about personal, emotional, relational and financial advantages. Divorced people sometimes pursue enriching and confidence-building activities they gave up during marriage. Some people also expand or renew social relationships and g


Since his divorce from ex-wife Elin Nordegren, professional golfer Tiger Woods has dated 2010 Olympic gold medal skier Lindsay Vonn. Woods and Vonn attended a sporting event as a couple in April 2014 for Woods' son, with Nordegren hanging out with them.


While some researchers had thought that the divorce rate began to drop in 1980, improved statistical analysis shows that the Baby Boomer generation was --and remains -- more likely to divorce than the next generations. The reasons for this stem from younger people waiting to marry, notes the Washing


Divorce may affect children by intensifying dependence on the parents, eliciting more regressive responses to everyday situations and causing anxious thoughts and responses, according to Psychology Today. Adolescents may exert more aggressive behavior as a response to divorce.


Divorce laws in California stipulate that a spouse or partner can end the marriage even if the significant other does not want a divorce, according to the Judicial Council of California. A spouse or partner cannot stop the divorce process by refusing to participate under the no fault divorce laws in